“ Once again I am master of my own destiny. I have examined my options, tested my ideas and have a workable plan. I feel good. I feel confident. ”


Control your agenda

In business, the challenges facing a CEO, Senior Executive, Partner or team leader are extensive. Your remit includes strategy, leadership and managing demanding, ambitious people. Many stakeholders – internal and external – vie for your time and attention. And then there’s your own career to nurture.

Executive coaching helps you find your way through this maze. It can make your life easier, more productive, more satisfying.

It creates a space where you can discuss and analyse whatever you want in a non-judgemental, supportive and positive environment.

It allows you to focus on what matters most to you. To play to your strengths and control your agenda.

With mutual commitment, energy and enthusiasm, coaching can be both liberating and extraordinarily powerful.

The opportunity

Reflect | Clarity | Action

An executive coaching engagement typically lasts over a set period and involves one to one coaching and ongoing support.  It is designed for maximum impact and the best use of your time.

It allows you to step off the treadmill. To Reflect and focus on your values and priorities. It offers a safe – and highly confidential – space to test your ideas and think through your challenges and opportunities.

It gives you Clarity around your priorities.

And an Action Plan – specific, measurable targets aimed to enhance performance and help you achieve your goals.

The relationship between coach and client is privileged. A coach is free from bias or fear of repercussion and is only interested in your success. It’s a relationship of equals, where no discussion is off-limits.

We speak the same language

I have enjoyed a rewarding career with several leading multinational institutions in the UK and Asia.  I was in Senior Leadership teams at Royal Bank of Canada and JP Morgan, developed strategy, ran sales teams, managed my own client relationships, had my own targets, been subject to changing business cycles and worked alongside capable, challenging people.  All with institutions that demanded much and expected the best.

I have experienced your pressures. You don’t have to explain the context: we can focus on the issues.

Mark Evans

My experience

After five years in the Army, I was a futures trader in Chicago and London and then held marketing, sales management and team leadership roles at GNI, ED&F Man and Hill Martin.

I then switched to wealth management first with Merrill Lynch and then Royal Bank of Canada where I became Head of Wealth Management and a member of the British Isles senior leadership team. After 10 years at RBC, I joined JP Morgan in Asia as an MD and Market Manager.

As an executive coach, I have enjoyed working with dynamic individuals including CEOs, owner managers, family offices and senior team leaders.  I also do pro-bono work for various charities and MBA students at the Cambridge Judge Business School.  This covers many issues – career planning, leadership, strategy, personal development and more – and, unsurprisingly, the challenges and opportunities are similar across all sectors.

I am a married father of three with children in Mombasa, Melbourne and Mitcham.  Beyond enjoying family life in Somerset and London, we have travelled extensively and I am an enthusiastic sportsman. I once reached the last 16 of a US Open – albeit in a very obscure sport!


What clients say about me

Here are some comments from executives
I have been privileged to coach...

"In my mid-fifties, as the partner of a law firm and with more of my career behind me than in front, I must confess I was sceptical as to how a coach could help.  

In a sense my instinct was right, because (to my relief) Mark doesn’t coach business development, budgeting, team management, client care or legal analysis. Neither is he a teacher, so don’t expect ‘soft skills seminars’, teamwork training or ‘group hugs’.   So what does he do? Well for me he acts as a ‘sounding board’ and a moderator. This is helpful both from a big-picture career-planning perspective but also when dealing with ‘situations’ where ‘emotional energy’, frustration and exasperation make it difficult to think objectively and dispassionately. The conclusions you reach and the actions you take are invariably your own, you just reach them faster, allowing you to focus your energies more constructively and positively."

Partner law firm

"As CEO of a £15m turnover charity embedded in health and social care, the challenges of focusing on services that demand a charitable heart and business brain, generate surprising complexity.

Having access to Mark enables a perspective to be shared and 'rehearsed' in a safe environment, one that encourages self-determination and focus on the key issues. The effect is to peel away complexity and to understand, in a proportionate way, their interdependency and potential effect. It is very much a relationship that empowers and significantly influences my behaviours as a leader and mentor of others."


"Mark helped me through a critical period when the fund management company I founded went through difficult restructuring.

Mark encouraged me to challenge my assumptions and helped me concentrate on my strengths and draw confidence from the many successes I enjoyed as a fund manager exploring new and challenging markets. I am now clear on the direction I want to take my business and enthusiastic about new opportunities. I would highly recommend Mark to finance professionals facing complex transitional challenges."

Founding Director and CEO

"Mark has enabled me first to identify and then reflect upon career questions in a way that I would not have found possible independently.

Through our work together, I have gained more clarity in assessing my professional situation and the confidence to start taking risks to shift a current impasse. I have also been left with questions that I cannot currently answer but, rather than panicking about 'not knowing', I am enjoying trusting that this is an interesting and fertile place to be right now. Mark's approach is highly intuitive, probing and astute and he brings with him a huge amount of transferable professional experience."

Senior Lecturer

I was fortunate to be introduced to Mark following a recent promotion. Amid a full-scale restructuring of the business and whilst getting to grips with my new responsibilities, Mark was an invaluable support.

He allowed me to step back from the intensity of my day-to-day job and encouraged me to evaluate the situation in a rational and controlled manner. He challenged me to think of strategies and approaches and, after each session, sent me back to my desk, reinvigorated and inspired and instilled with a sense of confidence and direction.

MD, Business Leader. Financial Services

I met Mark through the Cambridge Judge Executive MBA programme and was fortunate enough to be coached at a crucial time in my career.

At that time, I was juggling MBA commitments, transition to a new role and progression from Senior Manager to Director. Mark helped me reflect on the professional values that are truly important to me, to explore my fundamental traits, to prioritise my big career goals and design the action plan to make my career move successfully. His questions invited (and forced!) me to reflect and bring clarity to my thinking - and a hint of mentoring, which I highly valued and found extremely entertaining as well!

Finance Director. Advertising and Media.